Need to have your existing logo in vector format? Tired of using worn out clip art for your business presentations? Invictus Group is the answer. With Invictus Group's team of design professionals on staff, clients are able to get everything from their business' branding to presentation graphics created in unlimited scalable vector format. 

Design has come a long way in the last decade and even further in the last two. Quite often we find business owners struggling with ad design because the person who created their logo only provided them a raster version. This is unacceptable. In today's age of bigger and bolder design, having a blurry logo staring a potential customer in the face is a major turn off and a sign of being outdated or even worse, not caring. This is not how we want to portray ourselves in the business world. We want to be clean, professional and above all else, show that we care about our business. 


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